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The system Premidoor of KBE is a truly innovative product. The thin line and the temporal nature of stress in particular its technical features: Excellent heat and sound insulation, and of course, stability and tightness and perfect functionality.

premidoor_kbe Variations of the series and unusual dimensions with leaves up to 3.0m wide and 2.5m high with offer the best conditions to separate your personal style.

The pleasantly quiet and gentle movement of the sliding elements is another special feature of Premidoor created based on a modern system profil 70mm.

Life in nature regardless of weather is the desire of each home owner. Premidoor, the new heavy duty door of KBE enables you to flexibly configure very large exposures to the garden and terrace retaining the brightness.



The range of KBE PremiLine has excellent properties that favor its application to structures with large windows and light, like terraces, balconies and terraces.

premiline-kbe The comfort has many faces, with the new system of sliding, feel the experience of easy running and functionality, and extremely low friction and therefore silent running.

premiline_kbe All this is achieved with a stable framework for large openings, slipping quietly onto the high quality of steel rails that provide functionality, reliability, safety and longevity of the structure.

The excellent thermal and sound insulation properties of the series, offer great economy and quiet indoor environment.

Furthermore, PVC-U windows have unique resistance to adverse weather conditions, such as near the sea and all with excellent "value for money" ratio.

The series has a special feel, offered in white, but throughout the team colors of inedible colors of KBE, creating a unique environment with quality and style.

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