Τhermal Roll

NATIONAL PATENT The new reel from Rolka is an innovative thermal break and insulation system

The new reel from Rolka is an innovative thermal break insulation system and designed with high standards and low cost!

It is a patent product of ROLLS KATERINI SA. Patent applications 20100100034.
Thermal Rate
Usb-1, 6 W/m2K

The smaller the U factor, the better the insulation of the component.

According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, the mandatory values ​​for U-values ​​for the frames for the four climatic zones which are separated by Greece, are:

A 3.2
B 3.0
C 2.8
D 2.6

The new insulation has a full thermo roll:

* The polyamide is injected into hot cast between the two parts of each side cast, creating a single, indivisible whole.
* The compilation of the profiles are double polyamides, up and down on a special press. The overall image distortion and withstand the temperature changes.
* It is easy to assemble, lightweight, and has been specially designed for the removal of the strap or cable traffic.

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